Rage Music Phillipines


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Soulstice - Shot Puno (feat. Hood 047)Live
  • Third Flo'/Josh Papers/Rikki Diskarte/Paul Cassimir/Lo Ki/Toney Chrome/Just Hush/Because/Pistolero/Og Sacred/KIAL/jskeelz/Mike Kosa/Smugglaz - Tundo (feat. Josh Papers, Rikki Diskarte, Paul Cassimir, Lo Ki, Toney Chrome, Just Hush, Because, Pistolero, OG Sacred, Kial, JSke
  • J Emm Dahon & King Lheanard - Walang Dahilan
  • Shanti Dope - Lutang (feat. Bry Mnzno, Buddhabeads & Ejac)
  • Flow G - Pasaload
  • O.C. Dawgs, Skusta Clee - Basta May Alak May Balak
  • Kjah - Tahan Na (feat. Ron Henley and Guddhist Gunatita)
  • Dax - Dear Alcohol (ft. Chello)
  • K-Ram/Yuridope/Ace Cirera - Wala Na (feat. Yuridope & Ace Cirera)
  • The Pilot/Cyberpunk/Astral Mind Music - Make It Hot


Broadcasting from the Philippines, this radio station aims to bring a variety of programs on entertainment, music and information. It is on air seven days a week, for 24 hours.

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