Pinoy Classic Songs


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  • Ligaya [3mzO]
  • Disconnection Notice [3mrz]
  • Love Child [3ne5]
  • Ex [3mq2]
  • Buhay [3mke]
  • 10-Missing You [3mjt]
  • BPH ads2 [3pg8]
  • My number [3mmn]
  • Na Naman [3mv1]


This internet radio located in the Philippines features all the Filipino music from the past and the present. Its schedule includes Pinoy light, Kundiman, Pinoy alternative, Pinoy mix bands and Pinoy oldies.


Pinoy Classic Songs, All Day, All Night.

Main Programs

  • Pinoy Pop
  • The Seventys
  • Pinoy Pure Rock
  • Pinoy alternative
  • Pinoy mix bands
  • Pinoy oldies
  • Pinoy Folk, light Rock, Country music
  • Pinoy light
  • Kundiman
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