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The Love of Jesus Could Be Touched - Ed LapizLive
  • SNAPSHOTS OF JESUS: Healing a Withered Hand
  • 2022 09 30 How to Know Fakes   Ed Lapiz
  • Love Your Livelihood - Ed Lapiz
  • WHAT'S TRULY IMPORTANT - What's Important
  • Ed Lapiz Preaching 2023   Seven More Marks Of A Winner
  • Do Not Abuse Your Body by Pastor Ed Lapiz
  • Don't Attract Bad Things - Ed Lapiz
  • Ed Lapiz - What to do with Life?
  • PastorEd Lapiz   Life Lessons From Ecclesiastes 10   Latest Audio (Official YouTube Channel 2022)


This radio station broadcasts a variety of programs and music, aiming to bring the Bible message to the listeners. It is connected to Day By Day Christian Ministries, a nondenominational Evangelical Christian church organization.

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