Bombo Radyo (Baguio)

1035 AM

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이루마 - Kiss The RainLive
  • John Lennon - Mother (Single Edit)
  • Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • ABBA - One Of Us
  • Jesús Aguirre - Philippine National Anthem Lupang Hiriran
  • Jose LG Fuentes - L.D.R.
  • Adrian Vicencio - Kiss Broken Hearts
  • Jose LG Fuentes - L.D.R.
  • Jesan May Mirador - Taken na si Crush
  • Jerika Salve Teodorico - This Morning


Owned and operated by Bombo Radyo Philippines, one of the most important radio networks in the country, Bombo Radyo Baguio is located in the homonymous city. Its schedule includes the following programmes: Bombo Reports First Edition, Bombo Hanay Bigtime, Bombo Hanay Sa Pangaldaw and Zona Libre.

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